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New products: Hobnobs & crumpets

There seems to have been a significant leap forward in gluten free products recently. Over the last few months we’ve had Newburn Bakehouse’s crumpets, Pizza Express’ margherita pizza and McVitie’s Hobnobs. And all well timed for me, having a newly gluten free seven year old.

I have to say, Newburn Bakehouse has really surpassed itself with the new crumpets, which are miles better than any other gluten free crumpets on the market so far. I could tell just from looking at them they would be good. They are so close to the real ones, it’s amazing! The appearance, texture and taste are all great. They will definitely be a staple of my freezer.

McVitie’s GF Hobnobs are a welcome addition to the gluten free treat range. As you would expect really, the recipe won’t be much different for gluten free hobnobs as they are mostly made of oats – a large part of the production will be about avoiding the cross contamination, so I expected these to be spot on. And indeed they were in flavour, but the appearance was a little different.

The biscuits are fractionally smaller than the regular Hobnobs, and have smooth instead of ridged chocolate. I’m assuming that’s so they can’t be confused with the regular Hobnobs. There was a disappointing 8 biscuits in the packet instead of the usual 13-14, but we’ve come to expect that, haven’t we?

Crucially, I can confirm they made excellent dunkers in my cup of tea!

I’m wondering what will be the next big thing… Exciting times.

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