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No G gluten free sausage roll: Product review

They do say (whoever they are) never do the food shopping when you’re hungry. I would add to that never do the food shopping when you’re stressed at work. This, I did, about a fortnight ago, and I was tap happy on the sofa, adding all sorts of gluten free naughtiness to the online basket that I don’t even usually look at when I’m in sensible meal-planning mode.

One such item was this golden piece of loveliness from No G. It’s been years since I’ve eaten a sausage roll, and whilst it’s not a food I’ve particularly yearned for, there’s something about not being able to eat one that makes me want it.

It looked a bit pale in the packet, but a few minutes in the oven and it browned up a treat, unlike plenty of gluten free pastry I’ve either cooked or made myself. It was really rather nice – light and flaky pastry, crunchy and crispy on the outer layers, with plenty of filling. Not much more to say really but a very nice, savoury, cheer-you-up treat.

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