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Product review: Delicious Alchemy Christmas fruit cake mix

Yes, this is a bit late, I realise. But I made it just before Christmas and this is the first time I’ve made it back on to the blog. It was so good I wanted to write about it, and I’m really hoping Delicious Alchemy are going to put this cake mix out next year. (Hint.) I would definitely make this again rather than do my own!

I’ve never made a Christmas cake before, as I can’t be bothered (eating or preparing) the marzipan and icing. But when I was offered a sample of this mix to try, I thought it was worth a go.

I always used to wonder why people used packet mixes for cakes, but the amount of time, cost and effort saved with this made it a no-brainer. And you can make it at the last minute, which you can’t easily with a normal Christmas cake.

In addition to the mix, you need 110g soft unsalted butter, 2 large eggs, zest of an orange and 75ml of brandy (or orange juice).

It only took a few minutes to prepare a cake tin with greaseproof and mix all the ingredients – I did it by hand and it didn’t take long. Then an hour and 45 to bake, although I cooked it a bit less because my tin was slightly bigger than the packet suggested. When the cake’s cooling, you feed it with some of the brandy, which I enjoyed doing, as I love any kind of drizzle on a cake to keep it moist.

I decorated mine very simply but there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the full marzipan and icing if you’re so inclined.

My family were all impressed (except the little one, but he’s more of a chocolate cake kind of guy) and the best thing was, the last bit tasted just as good as the first a week later.

Another Sheffield-based triumph, Delicious Alchemy! Good instructions, simple to make, great result.

Actually I’ve just looked and this is in the sale in their online shop. I might snap myself another one up before they disappear. £3.50!!

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