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What’s with cornflour?

IMG_2991I’ve been redoubling my efforts since my last dietitian appointment, as my bloods showed there may be still some reaction to gluten going on in my body. My dietitian advised me that it’s not uncommon early on and it may be I’m sensitive to codex wheat starch – I hope not. But it got me thinking a bit more about cross contamination in my own kitchen (I still buy some regular bread products for the rest of the family) and so we’ve strengthened our hygiene protocols with more thorough cleaning and a dedicated area for normal bread prep. Standard stuff, really.

But it got me thinking that there could be other sources of gluten in my diet that I’ve not adequately removed. I have been wondering if one possible culprit could be supermarket cornflour. I’ve been buying this because it has no warning on the pack about cross contamination or gluten, so I assumed it was ok. But I know that gluten free corn flour is also available, in a fragile plastic tube at twice the price. Does this mean supermarket corn flour is cross contaminated?

I have recently found out that Brown and Polson* corn flour is labelled as gluten free on the packet, but that’s becoming increasingly hard to find. I used to be able to pick it up in my local supermarkets, but now they only stock own brands. I’ve managed to find some from an online shop, so I’ll be sticking with that for now, but I’d be very interested to hear if anybody else has any experience with this. Please get in touch…

* No website, but I think they are owned by Unilever

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