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Breakfast frittata

IMG_2365Quite often I end up eating cereal for breakfast during the week, as it’s quick. But when I have time, I prefer to have something different, for variety and to avoid over-doing it with cereals and grains.

I made a very simple breakfast frittata with some leftovers:

1 large egg
a slice of ham, chopped into pieces
a bit of grated cheddar
some leftover leeks that had been softened in oil and butter

I beat the eggs slightly and then mixed everything together. I then tipped it into a small frying pan with a bit of butter. No stirring – just cooked on the hob until it was almost cooked through, and a blast under the grill to finish it off and make it rise up a bit.

Unfortunately for me, the kids spotted it, so I didn’t get to eat all of it!

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