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Eten, Sheffield: Restaurant review

Looking at my recent posts, we seem to have eaten out a lot recently! Last weekend I finally made it to Eten Cafe in Sheffield, a cafe/bistro I’ve been intending to get to for some time.

We had some visitors for the weekend so hubby, the kids and I took them on the train into Sheffield and walked them up from the station through the city centre. This never fails to impress, as people who haven’t been to Sheffield before don’t really know what to expect and it makes me proud of the city to show them the fountains and the winter gardens with the big silver spheres outside. I really like that there was somebody playing a piano in the train station too.

IMG_2220So we arrived at Eten and good job we’d booked a table, as the place was heaving. It took a little while to get served, but we didn’t mind as it was so busy. We sat at a big table for 6 in an alcove with plenty of space, and some interesting art for sale on the walls.

There’s a variety of hot and cold food on offer: cooked breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, focaccia melts and some main courses. My two boys had a croque monsieur and mushrooms on toast – both very hearty portions that my kids put in a great effort to demolish, and hubby had the eggs benedict, which he enjoyed. One of our friends had the veggie curry – also lovely.

We liked that the food and drinks are served on mis-matched vintage crockery – you don’t often get a china cup for your tea these days!

There’s plenty on the menu here for coeliacs, although you do have to check when you order, as its not clear from the menu exactly what’s available. One of the chefs at Eten is coeliac so you can be pretty sure they know what’s what when it comes to gluten free food. I was very pleased to be able to order a pulled pork butty with home made barbeque sauce, coleslaw and chips – exactly the sort of thing I can’t normally have, so it was doubly enjoyable. It’s pretty rare to be able to eat the chips in a cafe, so I savoured those!

Well done, Eten! And in the words of the Terminator, I’ll be back…

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