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Things that would only happen to a coeliac #3

During half term my kids were on a football camp for three days, which involved packed lunches. As most gluten free bread is rubbish for sandwiches I treated them to a pack of 6 soft white rolls. To save time I decided to make all the sandwiches at once then freeze them, for streamlined lunchbox packing through the week. I mustn’t have made normal sandwiches in about a year, because the pantomime that ensued during the prep was ridiculous:

I had a separate station for the butter and to prep the sandwich fillings away from the bread. Definitely no double dipping in the butter, so I must have used several knives to spread. I had to wash my hands when I went back to slice more cheese because I hadn’t done enough! Trying to get the sandwiches wrapped in cling film for the freezer without getting any flour on the outside of the cling film (to avoid cross contamination in my freezer) was quite a game – I had to enlist hubby to help with that part so only one of us touched the bread while the other only touched the cling film. We got it done but it must have taken twice as long!

Maybe they can have gluten free rolls next time…

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