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Hi I’m SteelyMcSteel. I’m eleven years old, I’m in year six and I’m Steeliac’s eldest child. It’s taken two or three years of tests and an on and off gluten-free diet to get diagnosed so I have a pretty good idea of what it’s like. First of all I have three main points to make.

Firstly, the limitations of choice can be a good thing: it could help you to get healthier [say goodbye to lots of junk food] also, a gluten-free diet can help you become a more adventurous eater [gluten-free food can often be new or maybe something foreign].

Secondly, a new diet does not have to be daunting: I was very sad when I first had to go on a gluten-free diet as I didn’t want to miss out on things like fish and chips or cookies. Thankfully Mum has proved me wrong as we can make or find most of the things we like.


Also, the best thing about getting diagnosed and stopping eating gluten is saying goodbye to the constant stomach aches and the epic toilet trips [you know what I mean!]

I’m looking forward to writing more about my coeliac experiences and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say in my first post!

3 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hi steeliacmcsteel

    Was great to read your blog. I’m Joanne and I have a 14 year old coeliac daughter who is y9 and an 11 year old coeliac son who is also y6 like yourself. Mu son is asleep at the moment but I will show him your blog tomorrow. He knows a couple of adults who are coeliac but no one his age. Thank you for your blog


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