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Chocolate popcorn crispies 

I have surpassed myself! Very pleased with this little invention and only minutes to make. Fantastic little gluten free treat that’s also pretty low in sugar.

I have been in love with the Eat Natural Peanut and Popcorn bar since I discovered it a few months ago. Last night I was inspired to make my own version using salted popcorn for a salty and sweet flavour.

I mixed in a bowl (and these are approximate amounts):

  • 25g salted popcorn
  • 30g raisins (for a bit of squish)
  • 25g pecans & 25g almonds (baked for a few mins at 180C then very roughly chopped)

I then melted some Green & Black’s 70% chocolate (about 16 pieces so roughly 50g?) and stirred it into the mix before packing it into a container to set. I also added an extra grind of salt on the top because I couldn’t resist.

10 mins or so in the fridge and it was ready to cut into pieces. I cut it into 8, which I calculate to have 4g sugar per piece. Over half of that is from the raisins so I think it’s rather virtuous…



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