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IMG_1826-2.JPGI’m not normally one to post my birthday cake efforts on the web but I really wanted to share this recipe, as it’s not really written as being gluten free. It’s a classic Delia recipe for a flour-less chocolate cake. It’s light as a feather and deliciously squidgy. I’ve made it for grown ups and kids and it’s never failed. As with the best gluten free recipes, in my opinion, it’s not made out of substitute ingredients.

Normally I make a grown up version with Delia’s dark chocolate filling, but for my now 4 year old, I adapted the recipe slightly and added a rice crispy volcano, swamp, dinosaurs etc. Same cake ingredients but with chocolate frosting instead of the 70% Green & Black’s. It went down a treat with the revellers.

Recipe can be found here:
You need to use gluten free cocoa and chocolate, but I’m sure that goes without saying…

God bless Delia.

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